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Advisory on Data Quality Control and Data Generation Processes in MRO

Transferring the organization to a data-driven enterprise to leverage existing and future data assets, Perspect Analytics maintenance system implementation consulting services help an organization improve data quality and data collection processes.

Advisory on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in MRO

Drive innovations in maintenance and asset management within the organization, leveraging decades of AI and ML experiences in the MRO world.

Advisory on New Technologies for Troubleshooting in MRO

Evaluate and suggest the best-fit technologies to reduce downtime by streamlining troubleshooting and improving workforce efficiency.


Driving innovations in the maintenance world, Perspect Analytics IntelligentMRO™ suites of products and services provide low entry point with measurable ROI, in the cloud or on premise.

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Industry – Manufacturing

Improve OEE, increase equipment reliability, lower inventory and manpower costs.

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Industry – Utilities

Increase customer satisfaction, system reliability and increase life expectancy while balancing inventory and labor expenditures.

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