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Maintenance with Intelligence

Driving innovations in the maintenance world, Perspect Analytics IntelligentMRO™ suites of products and services will minimize operation downtime, optimize MRO inventory, streamline the workforce and increase profitability. This is accomplished through marrying MRO best-practice knowledge with advanced AI/ML technologies.

intelligentMRO™ in Cloud

Access your Virtual Consultant and Continuous Improvement opportunities from anywhere and at anytime by leveraging cloud computing techniques. With a low entry price point, any organizations can benefit from Perspect Analytics’ solutions without worrying about implementation cost.

intelligentMRO™ on Premise

To leverage existing IT infrastructure and to keep your operation data on premise, intelligentMRO on Premise gives you the option to deploy Perspect Analytics’ solutions internally.

Industry – Transportation

Improve fleet safety and reliability while lower inventory and manpower costs.

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