CI Support

CI Support™ is a suite of machine learning-based tools to model MRO operations for continuous improvements. Grouped into two categories, Explore CI Opportunities and CI Project Support, to work on all aspects of MRO operations.

CI Support can help you with:


Learn the health of your maintenance operations, and find hidden continuous improvement opportunities to increase the effectiveness of your reliability program. You can also obtain valuable information about your maintenance operations to fine-tune existing CI projects for better chances of success. (More Detailed Information -> CI PM)

MRO Inventory

Analyze MRO inventory and spare parts purchase history to provide suggestions to optimize operations by actions such as reducing holding cost, improving part availability and the impact on reliability. Reveal the health of your MRO inventory operations and hidden continuous improvement opportunities by learning from operational history. Reduce stockouts, maximize consignment, and control hold cost are just a few examples. Your existing CI projects will benefit from the prescribed information, quickly interpreted and swiftly integrated. (More Detailed Information -> CI Inventory)


Future Availability

Industry – Infrastructure

Balance reliability with customer satisfaction and increase life expectancy while while managing inventory and labor expenditures.

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Industry – Facility

Improve customer satisfaction, increase system reliability, lower inventory and manpower costs.

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Industry – Utilities

Increase customer satisfaction, system reliability and increase life expectancy while balancing inventory and labor expenditures.

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