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Balance reliability with customer satisfaction and increase life expectancy while

while managing inventory and labor expenditures.

Improve safety, customer satisfaction and outage management.

Governments and Institutions are looking for innovative ways to safely lower operating costs and maximize or extend the life expectancy of their infrastructure. Unexpected outages continue to cause significant customer disruption, increasing the cost to maintain and negatively impacting the remaining useful life. Perspect Analytic’s maintenance-focused platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques, assisting Governments and Institutions to safely lower operating costs and maximize the remaining useful life of their assets. Our platform proactively informs senior managers and maintenance professionals what needs to change to cost-effectively improve reliability and extend the remaining useful life of linear and rotational assets. Removing non-value added activities in your reliability program, inventory management system, and workflow processes increase safety, customer satisfaction and profitability at the same time.

Data, action and results

Continuously improve system reliability for linear and rotation assets while extending your assets’ life expectancy and safely reducing your yearly operating costs. 


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