Virtual Consultant™

Tailored wholly based on your situations and objectives, Virtual Consultant is your on-promise consultant working from the cloud. Relying on advanced AI and machine learning techniques, Virtual Consultant provides specific advice on how to successfully and sustainably improve.

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CI Support™

Exploring continuous improvement opportunities and supporting CI projects by revealing useful KPIs, trends, and predictions, this is your go-to utilities to seriously explore, implement and measure your in-house maintenance improvement projects.

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The Workflow/HR Management examines the efficiency of your workflow management system. Efficiency opportunities are highlighted based on proven world-class best practice workflow management principles 

Preventive Maintenance

PM/PdM Effectiveness quickly evaluates the effectiveness of your current Preventative (PM), Predictive (PdM) and Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) programs providing insights into the true cost and value of these reliability programs.

MRO inventory

MRO Inventory Optimization examines all work orders, by spare parts and storeroom activities to discover usage patterns so as to lower MRO inventory holding cost by identifying the optimal inventory levels and estimating the business risk associated with your inventory.


The platform for holistic MRO analytics and operations, intelligentMRO™ provides multiple industries with a holistic solution to their maintenance needs. Its Virtual Consultant™ and CI Support™ modules enpower maintenance professionals and operators with actionable suggestions and tools to improve continuously.

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Maintenance with Intelligence

Drive innovations in maintenance and asset management within the organization, leveraging decades of AI and ML experiences in the maintenance world. From data to knowledge to action, Perspect Analytics intelligent solutions provide the path forward to improve continuously.

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Continuous Improvement Support

Support in-house continuous improvement projects, Perspect Analytics solutions work seamlessly with any maintenance / asset management methodologies, such as RCM, TPM, Uptime, FMEA, Six Sigma, and Kaizen.

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Virtual Consultant™ at your finger tip

Positive impacts on Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) through actionable suggestions can be implemented with confidence, ensuring measurable ROI.

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CI Support

Reveals continuous improvement opportunities and supports existing or planned continuous improvement projects following established principles

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Industry – Transportation

Improve fleet safety and reliability while lower inventory and manpower costs.

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Industry – Utilities

Increase customer satisfaction, system reliability and increase life expectancy while balancing inventory and labor expenditures.

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About Perspect Analytics

Perspect Analytics, built on advanced AI/ML technologies and extensive experience in maintenance, provides the best software solutions and professional service to organizations in manufacturing, infrastructure, facilities and other asset-intensive industries to streamlining and optimizing their operations, in particular the MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operation) sector. It leverages state-of-the-art AI and machine learning techniques with best-in-practice knowledge and principles in the MRO space to provide its customer’s solutions to evaluate continuously, model and optimize their maintenance options.