Maintenance with Intelligence

Drive innovations in maintenance and asset management within the organization, leveraging decades of AI and ML experiences in the maintenance world. From data to knowledge to action, Perspect Analytics intelligent solutions provide the path forward to improve continuously.

Actionable, Measurable, Sustainable, Adaptable

To eliminate non-value-added MRO activities while creating a responsive, data-driven MRO culture; To provide action suggestions to MRO professionals to improve efficiencies with immediate impacts.

Revolutionize maintenance and asset management with our AI and ML solutions. View a live demo now!

Never Stop Improving

Continuously improve your maintenance program, MRO inventory and MRO workflow/HR with the right suggestions and measurable ROI

Annual savings using the intelligentMRO™ platform

Reduce MRO Annual Spending

5% ~ %

Reduce Impacts on Unexpected Outages

27% ~ 1 %

Reduce Inventory Annual Holding Cost

10% ~ 1 %

Annual Procurement Saving

5% ~ 1 %

Increase Annual Manpower Efficiency

5% ~ 1 %

Make Best Decisions Just-in-Time

Empower front-line MRO workers with real-time knowledge to effectively navigate day-to-day decisions

Savings enabled through mroAdvisor™

Reduce Unexpected Outage Durations

3% ~ %

Improve Financial Impact from Unexpected Outages

3% ~ 1 %

Reduce Onboarding Training Duration

10% ~ 1 %

Increase Operational Efficiencies

1% ~ 1 %

Increase Manpower Efficiency

5% ~ 1 %
Perspect Analytics, built on advanced AI/ML technologies and extensive experience in maintenance, provides the best software solutions and professional service to organizations in manufacturing, infrastructure, facilities and other asset-intensive industries to streamlining and optimizing their MRO operations.
Improve OEE, increase equipment reliability, lower inventory and manpower costs.
Facility Management
Improve customer satisfaction, increase system reliability, lower inventory and manpower costs.
Improve fleet safety and reliability while lower inventory and manpower costs.
Increase customer satisfaction, system reliability balancing inventory .
Balance reliability with customer satisfaction and increase life expectancy while while managing inventory and labor expenditures.

Revolutionize maintenance and asset management with AI and ML, contact us for more information and schedule a demo now!

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