Improve customer satisfaction, increase system reliability, lower inventory and manpower costs.

Best value for tenants and property owners

Facility and Asset Management companies have invested heavily in technology to improve tenant customer satisfaction, increase profitability and extend the remaining useful life of the assets. However, unexpected outages continue to cause significant customer disruption, increasing the cost to maintain and negatively impacting the remaining useful life. Perspect Analytics’s maintenance-focused platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to enable maintenance and MRO inventory departments to drive continuous improvement in ways not possible before. Our platform proactively informs senior managers and maintenance professionals what needs to change to improve equipment reliability and extend the remaining useful life of building envelopes and systems. Removing non-value added activities in reliability programs, inventory management systems, and workflow processes significantly increase customer satisfaction and profitability at the same time.

Data, action and results

Continuously improving tenant satisfaction while extending the life expectancy of your assets and reducing your yearly operating costs, Perspect Analytics’ solution improves the efficiencies of your asset lifecycle maintenance operations while lowering your operational costs.



Driving innovations in the maintenance world, Perspect Analytics IntelligentMRO™ suites of products and services provide low entry point with measurable ROI, in the cloud or on premise.

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Industry – Infrastructure

Balance reliability with customer satisfaction and increase life expectancy while while managing inventory and labor expenditures.

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Industry – Transportation

Improve fleet safety and reliability while lower inventory and manpower costs.

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