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We are looking for a self motivated corporate sales representative to research and analyze sales options, identify business opportunities, maintain client relationships and participate in product improvements.

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mroAdvisor™ Beta Release

September 26, 2023 Perspect Analytics Inc. releases mroAdvisor™ for beta users. mroAdvisor™ provides just-in-time site-specific knowledge for on-site MRO technicians to troubleshoot problems, prioritize focuses and optimize allocation of resources. It leverages the latest developing in Generative AI, specifically Large Language Models, which is trained by client’s own data.

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Reducing Downtime: How Software can Help Virtual Conference

February 28, 2023 Stan Shantz, co-founder and VP of Perspect Analytics Inc. is one of the panel members in discussion of “How maintenance software helps your bottom line”. In the panel, Stan talked about the three main areas in maintenance that significantly impact a manufacturer’s profitability – productibility, risk management and continuous improvement. He argued […]


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