Virtual Consultant

Virtual Consultant™ is an AI-based solution for actionable suggestions to improve efficiencies of all aspects of MRO operations. Tailored recommendations based on the client’s history and situations provide the right actions with measurable ROI.

Virtual Consultant can help you with:


Evaluate PM/PdM operations from historical records to provide actionable suggestions with clearly defined ROIs for immediate actions to move to a dynamic reliability program.

Find the entities in your organization where the PM/PdM programs fail more often. These bad actors are one area you should focus on to reduce your maintenance spending and maintain equipment reliability.

MRO Inventory

Analyze MRO inventory and spare parts purchase history to provide suggestions to optimize operations by actions such as reducing holding cost, improving part availability and impact on reliability.


Future availability

Industry – Infrastructure

Balance reliability with customer satisfaction and increase life expectancy while while managing inventory and labor expenditures.

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Industry – Facility

Improve customer satisfaction, increase system reliability, lower inventory and manpower costs.

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Industry – Transportation

Improve fleet safety and reliability while lower inventory and manpower costs.

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